INTRA attending a business delegation with Ilse Aigner (minister of state for economy, media, energy and technology)

5. Nov, 2015 | Press release

Ilse Aigner, the minister of economy, media, energy and technology for Bavaria, did go on a business journey to Iran. Ilse Aigner was accompanied by a big entourage of different German company representatives. The managing director of INTRA industrial solutions GmbH Mr Pardis Parinejad accompanied Ilse Aigner and Bavarian business representatives.






Business talks were held with high-ranking CEO’s in the areas of automotive, oil, gas as well as petrochemicals. Mr Pardis Parinejad stated: “After the international commitments on the nuclear issue Iran opened up in summer. We as a company can benefit from this optimistic mood and turning point and be part of the economic upsurge. We are acting at an early stage but operate responsibly. INTRA industrial solutions focuses on reliable results and the strengthening of our economic cooperation with our Iranian partners.





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